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HANS Business Bundle

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Our business bundle gives you the perfect working day! You want to work calmly and calmly, but still alert and focused?

We have the optimal conditions for this in the form of CBD oil and the right snacks for the home office, office and on the go. With 120mg of caffeine and all important nutrients, the HANS Espresso Crunch Bar provides the necessary concentration and energy to work in a focused manner. The HANS CBD oil ensures the necessary serenity to keep track of things even in stressful situations.

In the evening with a higher dosage, our CBD oil lets you relax after a hard day's work. We put two cartons of hemp snack balls with blueberries and cocoa on top, so to speak, as healthy food for the nerves in between.

With this bundle you save 27% on the regular price!

  • 18 x HANS Espresso Crunch bars
  • 2 x 10ml flat HANS CBD oil 10% & nbsp;
  • FREE & nbsp; 8 x HANS Balls blueberry
  • FREE & nbsp; 8 x HANS Balls Cocoa