HANS Bio Salat-Bundle

HANS Organic Salad Bundle

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We don't offer a salad, but we do offer a lot of valuable ingredients that make your salad a real taste and nutritional experience!

Our peeled and unpeeled hemp seeds from our own hemp fields taste slightly nutty and provide plenty of iron, magnesium, B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. For a more nut flavor, we can recommend roasting the hemp seeds briefly in a pan without oil or fat. & Nbsp;

The roasted pumpkin protein gives a pleasant roasted aroma and a good portion of protein. If you want a more neutral taste for a change, but don't want to do without the protein, our power protein mix is ​​just the thing. To top it off, add 2-3 tablespoons of hemp oil to the dressing. This gives the whole thing a pleasant nutty taste and valuable omega-3 fatty acids. & Nbsp;

& nbsp;

With this bundle you save 22% on the regular price!

  • 2 x HANS hemp seeds peeled
  • 2 x & nbsp; HANS hemp seeds unpeeled
  • 2 x HANS pumpkin protein roasted
  • 2 x HANS power protein mix
  • 2 x HANS hemp oil 250ml
  • FREE: 1x HANS power protein mix
  • FREE: 1 x HANS hemp seeds peeled & nbsp;

& nbsp;